One Solution

One Solution Limited是一家總部位於中國香港的公司,由一群IT專業人員於1996年在香港和中國大陸成立,從事計算機設備,網絡基礎設施,網絡安全,網站設計和軟件開發的業務解決方案。 我們在中國香港和深圳設有銷售和技術支持辦事處。 我們的銷售和技術支持團隊致力於為我們的香港RD團隊提供IT行業最高質量的專業人員。
One Solution Limited is a China - Hong Kong based company, which was found in 1996 by a group of IT professionals in business solutions of Computer Equipment, Network Infrastructure, Network Security, Web Site Design and Software Development in Hong Kong and China. We have sales and technical support offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. Our sales and technical support team are devoted to provide the highest quality professionals in IT industry with our own RD team in Hong Kong.